Galentines "Stocking Fillers" for Under £10

Marc Godfrey-Murphy

MarcoLooks Galentines Gifts for Under £10I hate Valentines Day. There I said it. Personally, for me, it follows an archaic hetronormative agenda (woah, this post got really heavy, really quickly, yikes, sorry). It's just that it seems to me, from my cynical gaze, that it's all about roses and chocolates (so, you're screwed if you're a diabetic with hayfever). Ok, ok, I know, I know, that's a flippant view, but so many val cards feature just men and women...but where's the celebration of platonic love (I'm not even talking about same sex relationships, that's a whole different blog post). For me, love and showing someone you care for them, is an all year round event. Showing and sharing kindness.


MarcoLooks Vinyl Stickers

A year ago, I started making prints with messages that I knew would resonate with my friends and people I love. I wanted to show encouragement and my faith in them. As well as that, I shared messages with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. I wrote a blog about the origins of my "Don't Be a D" prints, and knowing people liked it...I expanded the range. And the good news is, most of them are under £10, so PERFECT, for a Galentines or Palentines gift. And for those not in the know (hey, join the club) those are the more recent alternative names for Valentines Day.

My Don't Be a D pins, are only £6 and my range of Vinyl stickers start at only £1.60 - the perfect little addition to any card you might already have planned to send over the next few days. However, if you're looking for cards, I have collections of Don't Be a D and You are Stronger Than You Think and Grow Through What You Go Through card packs starting from just £7.50.


MarcoLooks Don't Be a Dick Pencil Set

I even have stationery items, if you wanted to give something for someone to use day to day, there are notepads with pencils from only £9.50 and beautiful pencil sets, for just £8. Or perhaps you want to show thanks, with a simple postcard, I have you covered here with my Thankful notecard sets.

But if you want to go all out, don't forget my Don't Be A D bundle, worth £43, but available in my shop for only £30!

Have a browse through my new Don't Be a D range, or take a look at my Conscious Healing range of prints if you're looking for more inspiration to share the love this month.

You keep safe now!

Love Marc xx

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