Cartoon portrait of your family by cbeebies animator marc godfrey murphy
Your Family as a Cartoon Portrait
Your Family as a Cartoon Portrait
Your Family as a Cartoon Portrait

Your Family as a Cartoon Portrait

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Did you know I used to work for Cbeebies? It was from being immersed in the world of cartoon making I started to create cartoon versions of friends and family. Since then, I have been creating specially commissioned cartoon portraits for people just like you ❤️

✨ A truly unique and beautiful way to capture you and your loved ones, or indeed a truly beautiful and personal gift to celebrate those you love.

✨ A stunning monotone, cartoon portrait in black and white, or full colour.

✨ Starting at £120 (for couples, black and white), read on to find out more...


  1. I need a good quality, full length, photograph of members of the family you want immortalised into cartoon form.
  2. To give your portrait that extra special touch, it's good to know about the hobbies/job/lifestyle of the people in the portrait, so I can add props and extras in the picture to add as much detail to make it as personal to you as I can.
  3. I work digitally, so I will send you a rough draft of the portrait, to check proportions are working and if there are any changes you would like made
  4. I go into final stage image creation and send back a final draft to get the OK before we go to print
  5. Upon approval from you, I send the image off to print, and your portrait will be with you in no time. 

All portraits will be printed on high quality paper stock, and sent to you as an A3 print.

I draw digitally, so there is no "original" version of the artwork. You may order as many extra copies too!

You can order as many extra copies of your commission as you like, prices are per copy:
✨ A4: £5
✨ A3: £10

Turn around time is usually 3-6 weeks. It all depends how quick you are to respond to my email updates, haha. I will keep you up to date with progress at all times.

Once you are ready to go, at checkout, please make sure you include the best email address for me to contact you, so you can send me the photographs to work from.

Free postage for all commissions created.

As this is a commissioned portrait, no refunds will be issued.

If there's something you are not sure of, or need clarification, please reach out to me on social media (I'm on Facebook and Instagram as @MarcoLooks) and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


✨ I can't wait to start working with you and start drawing your loved ones in super cute, cartoony form.✨

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