The Number One Reason to Gift a Coaster.

Marc Godfrey-Murphy

What is the number one reason to gift a coaster?

For Ducks Sake. Punny Animals and Colourful Prints


You know those coasters you always reach for when guests come over? I think of them like tiny canvases broadcasting fragments of your personality. Whether they display a funny pun or quote from your favourite movie, a cute and quirky animal, or showcase your colourful tastes with interior design, each coaster tells a story. Even if you don't consciously recognise it, they add a little extra flair to your lounge, office or bedroom.



It's funny how people can form stronger emotional bonds with certain objects like a fun coaster, with a preference for them over seemingly more practical gifts like a book or a gift voucher. This can be explained, at least in part, by the act of offering a funny coaster as a gift or token of affection. You are associating memories with special individuals, places, or moments in your life. Even though a coaster might seem like a mundane accessory, it carries much more significance. Whether it features a funny pun, a colourful print or quirky creature, It's like a miniature time capsule, linking you to your past and providing a sense of continuity to the experiences that shape you.


Punny and Colourful Animal Pun Coasters



It's not only about protecting your tabletop, it's about the styling you create. The design of your chosen coaster can serve as a morning motivator. A vibrant pattern can act like a burst of sunshine. Or, like most of people who shop with me, perhaps you opt for a coaster that brings a smile to your face to kickstart your day. So here's to those humble little coasters, always there for us, silently cheering us on through life's twists and turns!


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