Unleash the Charm: Wholesale Animal Coasters for UK Shops

Marc Godfrey-Murphy Wholesale

Wholesale Animal Coasters for UK Shops
It's my whimsical world of wholesale animal coasters, designed to add charm and laughter to UK shops, all from my York-based studio! Explore the vibrant array of handcrafted cork coasters featuring hilarious puns and eye-catching designs. Learn why these colourful prints are the perfect addition to your shop shelves.
Wholesale Animal Coasters for UK Shops
If you're new here, I'm Marc, former Cbeebies animator, now illustration my own creations to sell, from my studio, here in York.
You may not know that I sell my coasters, mugs, pins (and more) on wholesale. I'm so excited to share my offering. My catalogue for 2024 is ready to send you, or you can simple order online via a google form. To get the links to do this, just drop me an email at hello @marcolooks. com (or you can reach out to me on instagram, if that's better for you.
Wholesale Animal Coasters for UK Shops
Elevate your retail experience with my one-of-a-kind animal pun gifts. Whether you're a gift shop, boutique, or specialty store, our wholesale options cater to your needs. Bring a touch of whimsy and laughter to your shelves with our handcrafted coasters – the perfect blend of fun and functionality!
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