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Marc Godfrey-Murphy

Cbeebies Animator now illustrating handmade prints and home decor

Hey! How ya been? Feels like ages since I stopped to "chat" with you. Sorry. Buuut, I have exciting news for you. New things are on their way!


I've been working on some new illustrations and doodles, got out my fancy kit that lets me print and create really cool things myself, right here in my studio. Things like coasters, mousemats and magnets (and so much more). 


And now, I have lots of things to add into my shop, along with some brand new greetings cards!

Cbeebies Animator now illustrating handmade prints and home decor 

I'm launching the update on Friday 23rd September at 6pm, however, if you're on my mailing list, or a patron, I'll be giving you exclusive access a whole two days earlier, on Wednesday 21st September at 6pm. I anticipate selling out of a few things early, because I'm small batch making most things myself, I don't have hundreds of each item, that I would normally have to order going third party.


Let me tell you what we can expect from the launch! I'm bringing you a new range of Halloween treats, including coasters, stickers, prints and mousemats. I have some brand new, never seen before greetings cards... including a small handful of Christmas designs (it's never too early). I also have some new versions of prints that you're going to love.


Soooooo, mark your calendars for next week. Hurry and sign up to my mailing list if you haven't already (and even better, join my Patreon) to get in early.


I can't wait to share everything with you.


Take care,

Marc x

Cbeebies Animator now illustrating handmade prints and home decor

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