Seasons of Love

Marc Godfrey-Murphy

There's no escaping it, today is Valentine's Day. To be honest, in some weird way, I'm relieved that the UK is on lockdown, because I haven't noticed the retail commercialisation of it so much. The only love themed products I've seen are from my maker friends with indie businesses, and I don't mind that at all.


I am conflicted about the V day though. Generally, I don't like it, but I do appreciate seeing love tokens here and there. For me, Valentine's has a cruel way of reminding my otherwise strong and powerful, single friends, that maybe it would be nicer to have a companion. It also suggests a sense of unavoidable comparisonitis for couples, wondering if they should be a bit more romantic, or do something special, "like so-and-so are doing over there". Thing is, everyone is fine as they are. I do like to mark the day in some way, because I blummin love, Love. BUT I'm not here for big, overblown romantic gestures, because I feel those times are more special when the card shops are not telling you to.


When I was at university, I worked as a presenter for a local TV station, and I went out into the streets of Cambridge with a camera crew, to do a vox pop on what people thought about Valentine's day...and the consensus was, it was too commercial and only served a purpose to flog cheap heart-shaped tat. So, even after all these years, it stills rings true.


Let's face it, romance is just kindness with a different coat on. So, I want to celebrate love all year round, and I try to. I'm not suggesting we have a Valentine's day every month, but if you're no good at telling those around you that you love them, maybe pop a few random dates in your diary, to send your friends, partner, family, messages of love and appreciation for their mere existence. It's always the little unexpected gestures that are the best ones. I've just added some extra kindness postcards to my store, so maybe stock up and send them out for no reason. Let the special people in your life know you care for them.


Here are a few simple suggestions to help conduit your message, all year round:


Celebrate love in all seasons. Who's with me?

Hope your day goes gently,

love Marc xx


...and by the way, incase you need to here it, You are loved, even if you don't think you are.

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