Former Cbeebies Animator, MarcoLooks, Brings Community of Artists Together in National Art Print Swap

Marc Godfrey-Murphy

Marc Godfrey-Murphy owner and creator of MarcoLooks, a York based illustrator and former Cbeebies Animator, is launching a Print Swap to bring together artists across Yorkshire and beyond.

The MarcoLooks Print Swap for Indie Artists and Indie Illustrators to come together and celebrate each other's work

Marc is inviting peers and fellow illustrators and artists who sell their work (even if it’s just a small Etsy shop with two or three listings), to take part in the MarcoLooks Print Swap, to share and support each other’s work. Applications to join the Print Swap will be open from April to July, where everyone involved will send Marc a batch of their prints, then in return, they will receive a selection of new prints from the other artists involved. To celebrate the end of the swap, the beautiful Courthouse at Rural Arts, North Yorkshire's only professionally-run cross-discipline arts centre, in Thirsk, will be home to a fantastic exhibition of all the work that got swapped.


Marc has been selling his prints, cards and stationery items in York since 2018. He felt compelled and inspired to create the print swap to encourage the sense of community over competition.

"The lack of events over the last year, has inspired me to create something community focused for us, indie artists to get involved in. It’s also my 40th birthday this week, so what better way to mark the occasion, than inviting fellow artists to come together and share our work, and celebrate at the end with a fantastic showcase at the beautiful Rural Arts in Thirsk."
"Although a real life event, still hangs in the balance, I’ll be co-ordinating the print swap so everyone taking part, receives a portfolio of prints from the other artists, to hang in their studio, be inspired by and connect with other artists whose work they might be unfamiliar with. "


The Print Swap is launching on Friday 16th April. Anyone can take part, providing they are an artist selling their work either on their own website, at events, or through a platform like Etsy or Folksy.

For more information about taking part, visit


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