Marc Godfrey-Murphy

Okey dokey, here are my last recommended shipping dates for Christmas. Now, before I say anything, I want to make it really clear *I can’t guarantee* your post will arrive in time, only because I offer shipping through Royal Mail. But, I can set out some guidance to give us all the best chance ✨
🧑‍🎄 UK last order dates for “guaranteed” delivery date will be Monday 13th December.
🧑‍🎄 The rest of the world, your last “guaranteed” delivery date is Monday 29th November (thats next week!)
I won’t be closing either of my shops over Christmas, but please be aware, if you order after these dates, there’s no guarantee when your orders will arrive… but if course, I’ll still work away as quickly as I can for you.
Ok, that’s it. I’ll let you get back to dreaming about whether you’re going to buy a tub of Roses or Quality Street for Christmas (…the answer, by the way, is a tub of Celebrations… you’re welcome)

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