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Marc Godfrey-Murphy

Mood Lifting from MarcoLooks!

I got a really lovely direct message over on Instagram from someone who brought some of my mini prints. The prints come in packs of 10 different designs. They told how they kept selection for themselves, and used 4 of them to send to friends to lift their moods. Mood Lifting isn't a phrase I had ever really associated with what I do, but it's perfect. With all my work, I want to offer a smile, hope, strength, encouragement, positivity...all the thing I feel we need in 2021. Someone in my community then went on to describe my work as "magical mood lifters"...again, I was thrown a bit. My products were helping people to lift their mood. It was working.

Lift Your Mood In the Spotlight...

So, what better way to spread the love, than to share a few of my most popular pieces and how they can help to get that mood lifted! Let's go...

1) Super Mood Lifts from My Mini Print Collection

MarcoLooks Mini Print collection of Affirmation and Mood Lifting Quotes

My affirmation mini prints have been super popular all throughout lockdown. The fab thing is, they also double up as postcards to send messages of love and support to friends as we get to the end of a tough couple of months

Find the mood lifting mini prints here




2) Let Your Walls Get Your Mood Lifted with this "Stronger Than You Think" Print 

MarcoLooks Print saying "You Are Stronger Than You Think" in shades of indigo, peach and cream

"You Are Stronger Than You Think" Perhaps you want to treat yourself to that print you've had your eye on, or to send as a mood lifting gift for someone special

Find the magical mood lifting Stronger Than You Think Print here.





3) Set of 6 Hand Lettered Vinyl Stickers to Lift Your Mood

MarcoLooks Collection of Mood Lifting Vinyl Stickers

Lastly, my collection of vinyl stickers have been showing up on people's books and folders, even stuck to laptops and the back of smartphones! If your mood is low as you go to study, that mood can be instantly lifted when your eyes set on these awesome quotes. Also, the stickers are weather proof, so can even be used outside (I know, so cool, right?)

Give Your Mood a Boost With The Vinyl Stickers


Has Your Mood Improved?

Well, I don't claim to fix your problems, but I can certainly fix (or at least create) smiles, even if only in the very short term. I love getting feedback, telling me that my prints and stationery are making people smile, and even better reminding them how magnificent they are. It's all too easy to forget your worth, your power, your value... so I'm thrilled to help offer those reminders.


To help your walls keep your mood high and lifted, you can find the whole collection of MarcoLooks prints here.

If stationery, is more your thing, find my range of notebooks, pencils and stickers here.

Aaaand lastly, if greetings cards are your thing, you'll find them here. Don't forget it's never too late to join my Greetings Cards Club too.


Enjoy the rest of your day/evening and catch up soon,

Marc xx


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