✨ My Walt Disney World Adventures!

Marc Godfrey-Murphy

✨ If you follow me on social media, it probably hasn't escaped your attention that I'm just recently back from a trip to Walt Disney World. I grew up watching and drawing Disney characters. It has heavily influenced the work I create, and ultimately inspired me to become an animator for Cbeebies. Now, as a freelance illustrator, you will probably be able to see the influence in my prints and greetings cards.


Walt Disney World Haul, 50th Anniversary Merch (pt2) | Wonderground Art, Loungefly, Pins & MORE


✨ Whilst I was in Florida, I shared on my instagram stories many of my favourite moments, which rides we were going on, which characters we were meeting and what sort of things I was buying. I saw my friends who had also been to Disney make Walt Disney World haul videos for YouTube. It looked fun, so I asked my followers if I should do one... it was a unanimous yes, with over a hundred saying they would watch. So, I did. They were so long though, I had to break them down into two videos. Please watch and subscribe, you can find them here:


✨ Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Merch Haul (pt1) | Disney Genie+ tips to Optimise Genie plus


✨ Walt Disney World Haul, 50th Anniversary Merch (pt2) | Wonderground Art, Loungefly, Pins & MORE


✨ When I got back, I was also a guest on a Walt Disney World podcast, Podmagical. Hosted. by Andy who is a DJ for Greatest Hits Radio. I had a brilliant time chatting with him. You can listen to the episode wherever you listen to your podcasts here, just look for "Episode 107: The Knives Were Like Paintbrushes" (published on 22nd July 2022). Thank you so much for having me on.


✨ I'm in the process of creating work that was inspired by the trip, so keep your eyes out for my new work coming soon... in the mean time, here's this print to whet your appetite.

You are the magic print, walt disney, by marcolooks


Until next time, have a magical day!

Marc x

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